Our Team

Marwa Al Waeal

Research Analyst, Housing Policy

Marwa recently joined SHS as a Research Analyst, Housing Policy. Prior to joining SHS, she was as a Co-Coordinator for a Black Academic Mentorship program at the University of Toronto. It is a mentorship program for Black youth in East-Scarborough, encouraging the pursuance of post-secondary education. She trains a team of facilitators, and mentors to deliver weekly workshops, planned events, worked/contributed to the development of the theme and Afrocentric curriculum for the year.

Marwa loves to work and volunteer in her community. She is currently volunteering on the policy team for a candidate running for city council. She has also hosted fundraisers to donate to her home community of Yemen during the civil war. She is also super awesome at photography and digital editing.

Current work

Marwa is working on a rent supplement review project for a municipality and will be conducting many stakeholder engagement sessions. She is also working on a project evaluating the implementation of a seniors' home mixed with MCCSS residents.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Public Policy & Political Science at the University of Toronto