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Johanna Hashim

Johanna Hashim

Senior Consultant

Johanna joined the SHS team in 2008. Johanna is currently a Senior Consultant and works primarily on housing research and policy development projects. Her projects include housing needs assessments, environmental scans, program reviews, and policy analysis and development. She has played a key role in a number of comprehensive municipal housing strategies for communities across the country since 2008.

Johanna also has significant experience conducting community engagement activities, including interviews and focus groups with people with lived experience, facilitating workshops and meetings with key stakeholder groups, and designing and undertaking surveys.

Johanna is particularly interested in projects related to housing for seniors and homelessness.

Current work

Johanna is currently working on the Northumberland Affordable Housing Strategy. She is also working on the development of a pilot shared services model for the Social Housing Registry of Ottawa. Johanna has also been busy with the Moncton Housing Implementation Plan.

As well, Johanna will be speaking at the upcoming OMSSA Policy Conference.


Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Ryerson University)

Bachelor of Science, Architecture (University of Santo Tomas)