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Glenda Lucas

Glenda Lucas


Glenda first became involved in the affordable housing sector in 1991. Glenda works primarily with non-profit organizations and private developers that are developing affordable rental housing or community-based program space. She provides expertise to help these groups move projects forward from a vision to reality. 

A seasoned project manager with a PMP designation from the Project Management Institute, Glenda provides direction and assistance in securing a project site, assembling the project team, securing government funding and financing, managing the development and construction phases, and preparing for occupancy. She is interested in all aspects of development, but particularly in meeting the needs of seniors, persons with physical disabilities, and those with developmental disabilities.

Glenda is also a volunteer with her local Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament.

Current work

Glenda is working with Mainstay Housing to develop a comprehensive building maintenance service delivery plan for their portfolio.  She is also supporting the MICAH project which was recently completed as the project completes the transition to full operation.


Bachelor of Liberal Studies, English and Music (Ambrose University College; formerly Canadian Nazarene College)